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Would like feedback on this photo and more

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While I have been taking pictures forever, I just started trying my luck with micro stock.  A bit of background:  I work as a software designer in IT but live on a hobby farm in Wisconsin.  Much of what I photo is related to our farm and surrounding areas.  (photograph what you know, right?) 

I would like to get some constructive feedback from folks here. 

This is just one sample. 

PrincessFerf you need to think outside the box.

Everyone does eggs it'll never sell.

Why not have a hen on her nest with her chicks tucked up?

Or some other aspect of farm life that hasn't been done to death.

Do some research by looking at what photos are already out there?

Talking of which how about a big meat cleaver stuck in the block with a chicken staring at it?

I'm not kidding you never know it might sell

Thank you for your feedback.  Yes, I assumed eggs were common.  I have a couple of photos on my hens and goats out there, too. 

I need to train my goats to sit still.  Right now every time I put my camera to my face, they come right up to the lens thinking its a snack.  (why else would our human put something up to her face, if not to eat it?)  Blurry goat nose photos won't sell!

A video of a goat trying to eat your camera as you put it up to you face probably would.

Good image. Low color and constrast.


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