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Would really appreciate a critique, thank you!

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K.D. Granger:
Good to know, thank you!

I go along with most of the above comments; nice photo, but I did not see any steaming coffee cups or multiple hand shakes, which, from what I understand, is the kind of image that sells. However I have similar photos and they do sell, not in volume, and the return probably does not justify the time spent tagging and uploading. But once uploaded the work is done. If you can include people in the shots, then sales do improve. I have a fairly average shot (the sky is a bit blown out) taken at a glacier viewing platform of the backs of a group of tourists and this has sold, whereas good shots of the glacier have not. Good Luck  :)

K.D. Granger:
That is a very helpful suggestion. Thank you for that! I've been taking notes and doing more research. I think the next batch I post will be better and more consistent of what is needed. I really appreciate all the tips. 🤗


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