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Would really appreciate a critique, thank you!

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K.D. Granger:
Hello! Been a lurker for a long time. I've been working on building up my portfolio and organizing my photo collections. I would really appreciate if anyone would take a look at my Flickr and tell me your honest thoughts. Thank you very much.  :)


Sean Locke Photography:
They're nice enough to look at, but the stock world isn't really hurting for images of trees.

I have to agree with SLP's comment. Very limited range. Attention to detail is a nice start but broaden your subject material. Nothing here yet that generates the "wow" factor. What can you present that's more than a snapshot? But regardless, putting it out there and letting others see your work is an excellent first step. Thanks for sharing.

K.D. Granger:
Thank you for your replies! Most of these images are ones that's I just enjoyed taking. I am currently broadening my range and trying to create some diversity in my profile, thinking outside the box. iStock accepted me as a contributor with some of these images. Just seeing how it goes for awhile, not setting any expectations, just something I enjoy. I appreciate your remarks!

I like the style of them, I can see them being usable, especially for textures, but yes, you need a lot more diversity in your portfolio. I love nature, too, so they appeal to me personally, but as a graphic designer, very limited use.


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