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Applying as a contributor - are they serious?!

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i just applied to become a contributor at Envato Elements and after some time of entering data I finally reached a site telling me:

Your Application has been submitted successfully. GoodLuck!
If you are successful you should expect an email from the team - this can take up to 5 weeks
If you are unsuccessful you won't hear from us.
We appreciate your patience!

This must be a joke... are they serious? If i didn't make it, they don't even send a email?

If I make it there, i will immadiatly close down that account... unbelievable how photographers are treated these days :)

From my experience with Envato they are a slimy group. In my opinion you will be ahead if they don't except you. Just my opinion with working with them many years ago... Good Luck

Microstock Posts:
These days people fly off their handle if rejected, especially artists.

Alternatively, I have send hundrends of CVs in my life.
Never thought or felt bad that many don't answer back.
Their loss as long as I am willing to try hard for a seat to keep.

Envato won't answer back? so what?
Will a "dear JustAnImage, your work is great but we feel it does not fit in our library" make a difference?

You choosed wise your nickname I believe, seems that we all are just an image or video in this vast world of media.

The only advice I can give you is stay away from Envato Elements if you value your work. I was part of Elements, but withdrawn my images when my images were effectively given away for free after they changed their bonus payments. Withdrawal from Elements was not easy. It took more than four months and many e-mail messages before my images were finally removed.


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