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Apologies if this sounds naive.

I have seen the banner above and applied for contribution there.

I don't think that I will be accepted, tiny indifferent portfolio and no sales data to show.

But on a second thought and while browsing their current collection, prices, overall services,

by your experience, does it worth uploading there? Not in the past. Speaking for now.


If you go to the top and click Forum, scroll down to can see past posts of what others think of envato. How they treated their contributors in the past is likely a pretty good clue of how they still treat them. Just about every microstock company treats contributors worse as time goes on (regarding pay, among other things).

Deyan Georgiev Photography:
I'm very satisfied from them in terms of sales in Elements.

One of the few companies that besides being irrational about image reviews does actually share leftover unused subscription revenue 50% with contributors.

Unlike others who just keep it all for themselves.

Thanks for all answers!

--- Quote ---If you go to the top and click Forum, scroll down to Envato
--- End quote ---

I did! and posts wasn't really motivational. But I was excited from the "by invitation: idea.
Plus, I cannot speak for sure as long as I  still go with a candlelight in the darkness of stock agencies as a newbie.

Perhaps I have to define "Envato just for videos? does it worth it? they got "only" ~133,000 clips!"
I have this (ok, odd) "test": Once, I had the chance to film a legal (industrial) cannabis plantation. So for a weird search I query "Cannabis".
In P5/SS/AS my clips appear last... after the last one... Envato don't have footage of "real world field plantation" so I thought: "there, perhaps I can sell!"

Also, 8-43$(max price I found) clips for sale, guess pays too little for a clip from what I saw in their site?

Difficult to understand as an outsider. If as read, from January 2018 user set the price, it would be a good chance?

Still confused.


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