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Author Topic: envato and copyright  (Read 32141 times)

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« Reply #126 on: February 13, 2012, 22:52 »
One other Copyright problem even you provide it here at


and one guy who shows some kind awareness post:

Dany Duchaine on the 2nd February
Well, I have to say I talked to fast. I went on PhotoDune and these guys are TALENTED. Bought 30+ images and filled my new theme with them :


Quite satisfied with the result and I will continue to buy stuff from PD. It make my theme look better and Im happy to contribute to the success of these authors.
And that 50% was pretty darn cool  Will it come back soon?

Its not clear that he bought EL for this theme.
Why is this important?

Because even if he bought this 30+ images as he said (its not clear in what license)
If he dont buy EL (which is misserable low) for this images for his new theme which link is above, he violate rules because he is reseller of our images even he sell this theme just twice (and our images are in hands of two different buyers and we image authors are payed just once). It is the same if I buy somebody image and put it to round circle and sale ... and resale it again and again?!

I dont want comment you other "old" designers in this note who in darkest mist dont understand whats wrong with you original post on Evanto even it was so soft in copyright explanations. What about "you other designers" which are inactive.

You didnt answer my questions before in this thread. Only I can see was swaying answers in soft diplomatic Beatles "Let it be" style.
I While you theme raiders prefer Rolling Stones "Let it bleed" version on our "Dune" stuff.

As I see from you post on Envato I can buy any theme and replace celebrity images (what images and what is copyright) and insert my own images and resell it like (MY THEME) again to someone else, and constantly talk about that I dont sell themes (copyright of code), only arrangement of my images in that matrix...
even if I buy EL for theme if that exist on this marketplace I dont check this...


Consider it an assumption that the trick you set as whole Envato marketplace. Too much crossings too cheap EL everybody/most selling others stuff even if all of them are fair to buy cheap EL licence most of them avoid even no clue about basic copyright.

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« Reply #127 on: February 14, 2012, 10:00 »
I have to admit that Suljo is correct.

Collis, we cannot tell you how to run your company (or the company you work for) but it's quite obvious that a lot of people still do not understand the licensing terms in the Envato Marketplace.

The extended images license explicitly states that the image can be used in web templates, therefore a regular license cannot be used in a web template which is for sale again.

As Suljo suspects I also have my doubts that this contributor (mentioned above) has actually spent $800+ for the images in his theme upfront for EL licenses. I do stand corrected if he did and I apologize if that may be the case.

If it does take posters on this forum to inspire Envato how to make their contributors aware of this issue I have a couple of ideas:

Everybody's account will be on lock-down (everybody, mine as well). Nobody can access their dashboard or anything else unless they complete a step by step tutorial on how copyright works and how Envato content can and cannot be used in resold products.

Give the contributors real life examples of how images can be properly licensed and that watermarked images are simply illegal. The legalese text is hard to understand for many contributors (foreigners especially), so real life examples would be a great way to showcase allowed and illegal uses. That would help a lot to make everyone understand.


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