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Envato Elements New Earning Opportunity.

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Anyone received this? Worth it? Or is it a new way to lower the price of our videos?:

Exciting New Earning Opportunity

You're Invited!
Envato Elements New Earning Opportunity
You’re invited to join Envato Elements for Video Stock. We’ve spent countless hours looking at Stock Footage and Motion Graphics on VideoHive in search of our best Authors and think you could be a great fit.
This opportunity represents a great way for you to reach new customers and earn more. In fact, monthly subscriptions & author earnings on Elements are growing steadily. You don’t want to miss this!

Why should I consider Envato Elements?

    Be part of a strictly limited, small group of high-quality authors
    As an author on Envato Elements, you’ll share in 50% of the net revenue from subscribers, divided using the innovative Subscriber Share method
    Experience a whole new revenue stream for your new and existing items
    Reach a new audience, including agencies, marketers, designers & producers
    Marketing & promotion investment from Envato to continuously grow the paying subscriber base. Now is a good time to join!

What others are saying

Here are some examples of what others are saying about their earnings on Elements:

"Wow, better than I thought it would be!”

“This was more than I was expecting and I’m so happy!”

“Now I really love Elements”

“I didn’t expect this at all! I was surprised how strong Envato Elements starts btw!”

“Elements is one that is special for me because of the subscription aspect and the pooling of community 'leftovers' in the system. It's something I keep coming back to as an essential component for the community-driven model of Envato.”

What do I need to know?
Being part of the Video Stock is an All-In deal, which means we will automatically import all of your Stock Footage & Motion Graphics items from your VideoHive portfolio onto your Elements portfolio. This will happen one time for all of your existing content then on an ongoing basis for all new Video Stock content you upload to VideoHive.

Please let us know if you're interested in this offer and confirm by email you agree to having all your VideoHive Stock Footage & Motion Graphics available on Elements.

Once you agree we will then provide more detailed information on next steps.

We look forward to hearing from you soon & if you have any questions let us know.

Just remember this is a site with a proven record of screwing contributors. Sure you might make good money, or maybe you will contribute to lowering prices or maybe put a lot of effort into it and they will boot you out one day.

Agencies sure like the word "exciting". Like they all went to the same "how to convince contributors into anything" class.

Premium quality for cents are definitely one of those EXCITING news.

To be fair to Envato if its anything like Elements for images (photos) you do get a generous share in unspent subscription revenue at around $260 per month though the individual sales are very low.

Any "exciting" news in which they try really hard to convince you, should be taken with a bucket of salt.

Agencies also always like to add things like 'reach a new audience' and 'whole new revenue stream' while previous experience has shown that it almost always eats away the current revenue stream.


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