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Help: My 1099 doesn't make sense


I'm working on my 2019 Taxes and even after adding up all the taxes and fees that are shown on my Envato Elements and My PhotoDune account the numbers just don't add up.

I can't find anywhere in my Envato Elements Author Account to see info on fees.

I can go to a "Statement" page which is available on my Photodune account author login page, but that doesn't seem to exist in Envato Elements. Is there a secret to this???

I just want to have documentation of my total fees and expenses so I can write the off without getting audited, and I absolutely want to write them off....

They are a little funky.

I just take their MISC 1099 amount and subtract that amount from the PayPal amount for the year and put the difference in the fees or commission on my schedule C.

It isn't right they include their "fees" on your 1099.


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