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Best compact camera for macro photos around 400-700 USD


Hello! I'm working in a lab and we are going to buy a compact "small" camera to take some macro photos of our lab mice... What would be a good recommendation around 400-700 USD? We need that it takes good macro shots in a kind of a low light environment... Thanks a lot.

PD: we don't want a DSLR camera because it's too big and heavy and it's complicated to hold it while also managing the mice.

hmm, Sony a5100 + macro lens.. +vintage macro lenses?

I wondered about this, but MysteryS highlights it - do you really mean you want macro size (i.e. 1:1 magnification on the sensor) or do you just want close-up shots?  1:1 on a mouse will give you a very small part of the body. Be damned awkward to get the right bits in focus, too, even with a ring flash.

Yes! I want very close-up pictures, like 1cm close to some parts of the mice like ears and back.
To take something like this: https://marcperkins.photoshelter.com/image/I0000trxXcF5EdkI
It can be a little bit less than that... that Sony seems interesting but appears to be sold out in my country. Is there a newer version of that? We don't want to buy lenses, we just want a compact camera that works ok as it is... thank you!


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