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best paint for photo studio ?

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Hi I build a photo studio and i dont know what is the best pain for the floor and the wall ? someone can help me ... Thank you

Bad Robot:
White or 18% grey

Definitely no bold colours or black

It depends on how big your stage is. The little one needs gray or darker (always neutral) because white paint gives back fill light sometimes that would not hit. Big one needs other way

Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: Bad Robot on January 21, 2020, 12:58 ---White or 18% grey

Definitely no bold colours or black

--- End quote ---

A white with no other colors (see above) or you will be in editing hell trying to make it pure white again. I'd personally agree that something less than white and also above, greycard 18% would be pretty nice. But if you are going to be doing allot of isolations, white/white, flat not glossy.

Have you looked into building a cyclorama wall, out of wood, for the background? If not using paper or pull down or canvas backdrops, Which can be expensive) you can make the wall edge invisible. That's what the big studios do for cars, appliances and things that will be sitting on the floor.

I suppose you could do a table top version. That would be fun, if I had the space... I don't.


+1 for backdrops. Easy to use and change, modify or even make own ones.

The magic words were: wall and floor. So, full body or larger scale product shots?
Perhaps a blue or green color and keying could be a solution for photos and possibly video?


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