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gillian vann:
I'm heading off overseas in a few months and as much as I would like to I won't take my Manfrotto tripod so as to reduce luggage in the hire car. I've been wanting a monopod for ages so this trip will finally force me to purchase one.

But, which one? my local camera store has the Manfrotto 294A3 for $89. It only weighs 53g and is compact at 59cm. however for the same money i can order online elsewhere and purchase the 680B (3 or 4 sections).

We do get slightly diff versions in Australia versus elsewhere and one tip the clever geek informed was that the 294 has a 'standard' chair foot rubber size, meaning when the bottom rubber inevitably gets lost, i can go to my local hardware store and buy a replacement for a few bucks, whereas the other sizes are european and so unlikely to be as easy to find.

Of course i'd love the cool one with the squeezy grip, and I know choosing a tripod on its weight is wrong, but in this case i've got travel weight limits to consider. I'm not buying a head for it either, as I want it to slip inside my suitcase with ease.

Poncke v2:
How much space is a monopod going to save you in your hire car? Cant be a whole lot imo. Is the purchase justified is what I am going at. Is it worth the cost?

Beppe Grillo:
You don't need a monopod, you need an assistant ;)

(So, something in the middle: a bipode)


I bought a monopod about 2 years ago, and I don't think I have used it once (perhaps I should sell it!!)

I always try to take my tripod with me - I find that I want to use a tripod when the light is getting low (or for some night time cityscape shots or HDR images) and the monopod is useless for that. I have a little carbon fiber one with 4 sections which I take when space and weight are really important and a more sturdy 3 section tripod that I take when I am hiring a car and can just put the tripod in the back.


We bought a monopod a few years ago, in Sydney as it happens. We used it once, found it offered no advantage over a stabilised lens, and have never used it since.

Have you actually tried one?

If you're travelling to Chch, I'll meet you at the airport and you can have it for $50:-)

We have a Gitzo 1197 basalt tripod for travelling, expensive but worth it.


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