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The Best Unlimited Cloud Storage?

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Hello everybody!

I have been a freelance photographer for over 8 years and have accumulated over 15GB worth of images which are all mostly stored on external hard-drives.  A few months ago I had an issue with a failing external hard-drive and I now need to look into storing all of my back-catalogue of images onto cloud storage. I therefore need a cloud storage company that would enable me to have unlimited storage.  I will then continue to use the cloud storage to upload all the new images that I take over the coming years.

Can anybody reccommend a good storage company that they use themselves?  How do you all store your back-catalogue of images? 

Thank you in advance for you input and I look forward to reading and responding to your replies!


I used Backblaze for years. Cheapest by far including all connected external drives. Full time, real time backups. But last year, I noticed a lot of files having to be backed up. Support said sometimes it refreshes old files or some crap. After blowing my data cap for 2 months I dug into it and the number of files they had was far less than what I had, so in my mind, they lost a big chunk of my data.

So currently, I am using 3 externals, with one kept off site.

I am looking at other cloud backups, but will need to pay at least twice what Backblaze charges.

So, right now, looking at Crashplan, Carbonite and iDrive. The last isnt unlimited, but at 5Tb, it will hold me for a few years.

Thank you very much for your reply dbvirago.  That's very interesting, I will look into the the ones you have mentioned.

Same as dbvirago, I use Backblaze.  Cost is $10/month per computer.  Unlimited cloud storage.

I currently have 9.6TB (yes, Terrabytes) on my BB backup of my main computer.

Jo Ann Snover:
You must mean 15 Terabytes, I assume, not GB?

I use Backblaze, but it's not archival storage unless you plan to keep all your images online all the time.

Backblaze is, as they very clearly state, a backup service, not an archive of all files including those not currently online. It's very reasonably priced, but that's because it's one computer with attached storage (no NAS drives) only for their basic service. Other options run much more and some have bandwidth charges too.

I use external disks for archival storage that are not online except when I add files to them. I found much higher failure rates when files were online all the time. Every so often (10-15 years) I move data to new disks. I still have some archive on DVDs (in plastic inserts in binders on a shelf, so in a decent environment) that should be transferred to the external drives, but it takes a lot of time to do.


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