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Hi - I have the basic agencies (pollers?) showing automatically - but how do you add others? Is it possible? Should I also take it that 123 still doesn't work? Just would be nice.....

Oops! Just found it!

Since bobbigmac checks in here now and then, thanks, I love the toolbar! However, it is doing odd things in Mac OS X 10.8.4 in Firefox 23.0. It populates with my DT sales but when I click on the green amount in the toolbar to go to the earnings page I get a text list of links. after earnings.com it adds the php coding /earnings.php?pg=1&orderc=download_date&orderm=DESC It doesn't go directly to my earnings page like it used to. I know it's hard to troubleshoot with all the changes these days in operating systems and browsers but thought I would mention it. I can send a screen shot if needed. Again, no big deal, I can click on the text link list that does appear to get where I'm going but I know that developers like to know when something odd happens. Again, thanks for all the work that went into this useful tool.

Great tool, use it everyday! I'm like a Pavlovian dog when I hear the "ding" of a sale.  Unfortunately, overtime the tool is slowly breaking down.  I've got at least 3 agencies set up that are no longer working properly.  I'd actually like to be adding more agencies.

must be nice to have sales coming in- I am afraid my tool bar would just remain in red status  :(


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