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Firefox has blocked access to Picniche toolbar


Has anybody found a SIMPLE way to get it back, please. Although it no longer reported sales, it was very neat to have all the sites there for quick access.
Firefox sends me off looking for signatures in config and heaven knows what.... :(

It's been a long-time coming, since they changed from their original plugin platform to their new one. That's why I've not updated it, the api/access was restricted bit by bit and it became so hard to update that 5-weeks waiting for even minor fixes to redeploy updates was not unusual :/

I don't have an alternative for Firefox (their new plugin platform is pretty useless) but I do have something similar for Chrome over at http://tabcycle.com/ (this is what I use now for my microstock earnings and a whole bunch of other sites' updates). It's a bit more faff as you'll need to be familiar with basic CSS selectors to build your own, and it runs a single open pinned tab at all times(the 'cycle' part, because Chrome doesn't let active pages load in plugins' background process pages, again an annoying restriction of the platform), but there are a few of the microstock agencies in the gallery which are usually pretty decent and keep me up to date.

Thanks....but sadly I wouldn't know a CSS selection if it ran up and bit me......but will go and have a look.....
Oh well. Ta for the toolbar while it lasted! Much appreciated!


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