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If you use Firefox Browser... try PicNiche

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You might have a look at this Plug-in for it. Looks promising.


This is my first post here so I figured I would add something hopefully useful instead of just hi.

Yes, I downloaded it but just got to play and configure it out.  ;)


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I had it. Found it a useless gadget that slows my PC down, especially on Asian band-narrowness. The only plugins I use are xmarks and adblock, and of course the Youtube downloader. Couldn't miss the adblock, in which you can also block the slideshows on microstock sites landing pages and all flash content which slows down all terribly.

Lee Torrens at Microstock Diaries has a write up on this.


So far its working fine for me. I did have a little trouble getting it to log me into fotolia but I finally got it. The rest logged in fine. Right now it's just as useful as my bookmarks. Got to take some shots and try out the keywording and uploading part to see if it really useful and stays on my computer.

Is it safe? I mean, safe for our passwords.. I guess it is because they are stored in FF and they are not sent to some other place


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