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Picniche tool up creek?

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Just lately this keeps re-reporting sales! I keep thinking I must be rich (well - richer) but then it turns out that is earlier sales showing up...again....
It isn't automatically caputuring sales either - I have to click the refresh/renew button.
I use Firefox and would be sad to see this little gizmo disappear....
Is it just me?

Just the opposite here! Since a few days ago it stopped adding reported sales to the current amount. Also, for some sites, the toolbar stopped showing the figures for some agencies. Just the logo with no amount...

Hmm...not sure the opposite. Sounds very similar.
Mine doesn't automatically report sales any more which is when I hit the 'refresh' icon. Then old sales appear again.
Be a shame to see it go.....

A few days ago I updated Firefox to v36.0.1 Maybe it's related to the problem with PicNiche?

PFZ, are you running this Firefox version as well? Since when?

Heya Guys

The picNiche toolbar is now pretty-much unsupported, Mozilla limited many of the internal APIs too much, and made the update process too slow (looking at a few weeks per revision) so I can't update it anymore. Also because it doesn't generate any revenue I'm finding it really difficult to justify replacing it with something built on their new plugin platform :/ It's just so much work to manage for every agency site change.

I switched over to Chrome when Firefox entered their accelerated release schedule, so I do have a similar alternative for Chrome (though it's not microstock specific) but it's subject to many of the same issues, whenever a watched site changes it's going to break and you need to know enough CSS/jQuery to be able to fix it yourself. http://tabcycle.com/

Until agencies feel the need to add APIs (probably never) a microstock-specific replacement is unlikely.

It's been many years and I've enjoyed building and maintaining the toolbar over the years (despite half the emails I get every time it stops working are surprisingly abusive), but it's just not something I have the resources to keep up to date for every change, too many dependencies.
You might want to switch to one of the several microstock earnings mobile apps to keep an eye on your earnings, they're facing most of the same problems, but the guys maintaining those are either charging to justify the maintenance or at least haven't given up yet :)



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