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picWorkflow upgraded, now faster than ever :D


Heyhey :)

Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that I've finally done a major (and much needed) upgrade to picWorkflow's server infrastructure and we're now running better and faster than ever.

I know quite a few people haven't used the site much the last few months because we were constantly hitting the wall on performance and the site became a total PITA to use, very sorry about that :/ Took me a while to dig up the funds for the upgrade (quite a substantial one, added a meaty new server to the network and redistributed the load better on the existing systems), but we're now running steady and all pageloads (atm) are loading sub-1-second. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's essentially overhauled the feel of the entire site!

The keyworders, captioners and retouchers tell me it's it's made it easier and for them to do their thing too, so we should have much faster completion for those too :D

I also have some plans to bring on a beta platform to test some new realtime UI improvements too (Using Node.js/Meteor for the techies among us), though don't have a timeline yet, I'll be rolling them out over the coming months.

Pretty chuffed (Northern English for excited) that it's grown to this point, thank you to everyone who's been using picWorkflow, delighted to have you aboard :D


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