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Fee on PayPal payments from Pixmac?

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Jo Ann Snover:
I was finally able to receive payment from Pixmac this week, and this morning received the PayPal payment which had a $2.37 fee deducted from the $53 I was owed.

The amount doesn't match the 2.9% + 30 cents a transaction for debit cards or the outside the US fees (.5% to 2% for bank account funded amounts and 3.4% to 3.9% for debit/credit card funded). The deduction is 4.47% of the total.

Is this how payments from Pixmac typically are? I think if there are fees they should pay them, but as this is a first and last transaction for me (I'm trying to get my portfolio onto Pond5 as review time allows), I'll just take the loss and be done with them if it's always this way.

received a payment today and no fees deducted (2.5$)

agencies that do this:
- pixmac
- signelements
- featurepics
- allyoucanstock (did)

there are 3 more agencies I am in that do this...

I last received a payment from them in August 2012 for $53. I just checked PayPal and there is a $2.63 fee. I hadn't noticed before. No idea what it is for...

Yes, $2.37 fee deducted from the $53 but I think  deduction comes from PP because pixmac sent 53. Who knows?

I think if they don't have mass pay you get stuck with the fees.  I paid a fee from Featurepics on my one and only cashout and there used to be a fee with Zymmetrical also.

Does Pond5 have fees?  There have been a few "who should I upload to - Pixmac or Pond5" questions lately.


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