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Is Pixmac Worth It?

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Microstock Man:
Let's get an update here: Is it worth uploading to Pixmac?

My images are there anyway through Yay's API program, but of course a direct upload would make images rank higher in searches and more royalties etc.

Is anyone actually seeing sales from direct uploads to Pixmac? Is it worth it?

Jo Ann Snover:
To be fair to Pixmac, I only uploaded a few hundred of my images there, but I don't think it's worth it. I don't contribute to any of the sites that they partner with, so the only images I have there are those I uploaded. The trickle of sales is so small - and the 25 cent subscription sales so cheap - that I have no incentive to upload more.

Thank you for the question. Some info to consider:

- overall sales of direct contributors continuously grow
- many contributors reach payout every month (thousands of pics in portfolio)
- we're selling majority of files via credits and single purchases where the royalty is higher
- we are one of the agencies supporting:
- the relevancy and quality of the search results is improved and localized every day
- we have 12 local versions managed by local people
- currently we sell over 1.3 million images from direct contributors including: (uploaded files recently)

We help contributors with the initial upload. So if you have at least 500 files and can supply us with IPTC data or an Excel Sheet with the metadata, we can help you out with the rest (via FTP or by sending us DVD). In that case, please contact us at [email protected]

If some of you, for some reason, don't want to be at Pixmac, please uncheck 'partner sales' at FP, YAY, DP.

Vita, CEO

Microstock Man:
Thanks to you both.

Keen to hear some more thoughts from others too, but really appreciate your input zager.

1 - 2 downloads a month.
I believe that Yuri or MonkeyBusiness reach payout every month. I have no idea about their monthly overall income but I estimate that my earnings can be 1-2% compared to theirs -  it means I'm close to zero at Pixmac.  :)


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