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Hi. Some advice please. I noticed that quite a lot, but not nearly all, my images from 123RF has found its way to Pond 5 via their agreement. Is it worth my while to upload to Pond 5 then directly as well and as it seems to be more profitable directly, can one opt out from the 123RF deal to Pond 5?

Better upload to Pond5 directly, send an email to Pond5 they will stop the link to your 123rf portfolio so you can upload without creating duplicates

Will do that, thank you.

     Nearly  half  of  my  123rf  files  are  on  pond5.  Maybe  this  will  bring  extra  sales.  I  know  both  take  thier  commission.  One  upside  if  not  all  of  your  port  is  on  both  sites  maybe  the  buyer  likes  your  work  and  will  switch  to  the  other  site  to  see  if  you  have  what  he  needs.


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