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It is very much the race to the bottom because most contributors accept the terms agencies
give them. And with 8+ million contributors what do they care about you or me? I've said it
before in posts and I'll say it again....The only way we can resolve this problem is for contributors
to create their own agency and collectively go "exclusive". And that's never going to happen
so someday down the road all images and clips will be free to the agencies but "you will retain rights and be given credit".

there should be a union


--- Quote from: porpeller on December 11, 2020, 07:27 ---Recently I got two sales of HD videos, and my commission was $1.06 each. The price listed for the videos on Pond5 is 40. Shouldn't I get at least 40% commission? How is this fair? I thought Pond5 was embracing fairness toward contributors as its core value in opposition to other agencies like Shutterstock. :(

--- End quote ---
If you have opted in their LLP plan then videos are sold for that price only. If not then it isn't right

Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: porpeller on December 11, 2020, 11:51 ---there should be a union

--- End quote ---

And what will the union do to force the agencies to negotiate. In order for a union to function, you would have to be able to control the labor supply or in the case of Microstock, the production of images. With nothing to withhold and no leverage, a photographers union for Microstock would have no power. That's why there's no union.

The "Contributor's Union" would have their own website whereby they submit
exclusively to that site. They manage and adjust operations based on a collective vote.
Maintaining and controlling the site would be derived from "union dues". If say,
you sell an image for $2.00us, $1.00us goes toward union website operations.
Someone would have to be hired to manage the website. Someone with strong
union background skills. Insuring that "scabs" aren't submitting to other sites would
be a major issue. That, and gaining the initial confidence of contributors that more
money can be made by joining the union.


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