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So I was wondering what prices did you set at P5 for photos?

Also, I've seen lots of photos priced at around 500$, what's up with that, are they just fishing in the dark or there is some logic behind it?

I just leave the $5 in any image, as if you are selling with their partner programs your set price seems to have not a lot of influence.
(You can opt out from partner sites sales somewhere in the settings)

Btw. had my first image sales 1 day ago after about 4 month of uploading my images there too (actual portfolio of 7about 500 images)
The sale looked like in the attached screenshot.

Jo Ann Snover:
I had a small portfolio with Pond5 for several years and sold photos for $12 (full size) and PSDs (only a few; they're more template-like) for $25. In June I uploaded most of the rest of my portfolio there and changed all the photo prices to $10 (full size).

I have opted out of the various partner deals -which is possibly why, after 2 sales in July, it's been nothing since. Given that Pond5 will reduce prices if they want to, I don't see any reason to lower mine further.

As far as the $449 - $795, there are distribution agencies such as Westend61, Mint Images, Blend Images and a host of others who license via Getty and the high price collections at 123rf, Shutterstock, Adobe, etc. Their prices are the same everywhere. I don't honestly see how it works to mix all these prices together, and Pond5's price slider in searches has such a tiny space for lower prices, it's hard to say you only want to look at images $25 and below.


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