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Pond5 Bins Malfunctioning


Is anyone else having problems with the bins on P5?  My bins aren't displaying all of the files I've put in them.  For example, one bin indicated that there were a total of 87 files in it, but it only displayed 25 of them.  Another bin indicates that it has 69 files, and it displays zero.  As in, "none" - not one of them.  I've tried it in I.E., Google Chrome, and Firefox, all with the same results.

I checked 3 of mine, they displayed correctly.

Perhaps it was a temporary glitch and it's now working?

Some are working correctly; others aren't.  The ones that aren't appear to be ones that I created today, so I'm thinking that it may take a day or two to populate through the system.  Time will tell.


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