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Speaking for myself, i do honor the agreement.

My question is, will other agencies allow to slowly upload and keep in non-submitting queue a large amount of files
tagging and preparing within this 6 month exclusive-ending period in order to submit after the end of the exclusivity?
And what ranking as "fresh content" those files will have after half a year stored?
Guess it is better to focus on new content and not manipulating the system or being dishonest.

--- Quote from: SuperPhoto on February 17, 2020, 08:14 ---If someone is 'truly' exclusive (and doesn't cheat hoping pond5 doesn't notice there clips elsewhere), from what I've seen I do not believe the slight increase in sales compensates for lost sales at other agencies...

--- End quote ---

I honor the system! really whats the point if you don't want to have exclusive files then don't You have to be a real low life to sell your integrity for 10%


--- Quote from: jjneff on February 17, 2020, 20:08 ---10%

--- End quote ---


You make 50% more on an exclusive sale at the same price as a non-exclusive sale.

Sorry Non-Exclusive =40%   Exclusive +60% that is a 20% difference.


--- Quote from: jjneff on February 18, 2020, 06:33 ---Sorry Non-Exclusive =40%   Exclusive +60% that is a 20% difference.

--- End quote ---

No, it is not.

That is a 50% difference.

Price: $100
Ex: You get $60.
Non-ex: You get $40.

$60 is 50% more than $40.


If you get $2,000 as non-ex, you get $3,000 as ex for the same sales. 50% more.


It is very important to get the math right when making business decisions.


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