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Poll: Pond5 exclusive (dropped excl. option added)

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Currently, 1,051,973 stock footage clips are exclusive in Pond5.
This is not a thread to analyze if exclusivity is good or bad, helps or kills a port, exclusives are stupid or smart.
It is just a poll to see current P5 status in terms of contributor's actions and future thoughts.
It might be helpful for newcomers and why not a message to P5 depending the votes.

Add your vote if you wish. Thanks!

My fault, didn't include people that were exclusive but already opt-out. Option now added.

You should add an option for those who already opt-out, like me. Exclusivity was a big disappointment, sales decreased month after month. Now after re-uploading all the files to Shutterstock and AS, I've lost all my files ranking everywhere, which is a huge loss.

Could do with a 'P5 exclusive' addition to the poll like with iStock.

You are right @alijaber, option is added now.

If someone is 'truly' exclusive (and doesn't cheat hoping pond5 doesn't notice there clips elsewhere), from what I've seen I do not believe the slight increase in sales compensates for lost sales at other agencies...


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