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Pond5 exclusivity because of Shutterstock rejections

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Hi everyone!

I'm uploading my videos to only 3 sites. AS,SS and pond5, because I dont even know any other worthy upload.

What do you think of uploading exclusive to pond5 because most of my videos in last few months get rejected on shutterstock (all gets accepted only on AS and Pond5)

I do sell videos on AS also, but mostly for 28 and had one 70 usd sale.

Does exclusivity increase sale potential on pond5? your experience about it?


I would read up about the experience with pond5 exclusivity on the pond5 forums.

Quite a lot of people pulled their ports elsewhere and went exclusive but I still have to read that they are happy with that decision.

If pond5 works for you, then why not. For me pond5 went from 30+ downloads a month to 3-5 downloads at its best. And I have a port of nearly 18k videos, which makes a minimum of 50-60 sales a month on SS.

Once I was very inspired by the pond5 sales, but now its like 100-150$ a month. To go exclusive for that? Not even amusing. Seems that they don't invest into promotion anymore.
My depositphotos account sold more video then pond5 this month  ;D

If you aren't getting accepted then you need to look to yourself. If you don't do quality work it doesn't matter which site you're on. Better to figure out what you can do to get accepted everywhere you want and then decide where to put your work.


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