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Each time when you upload a photo, footage or whatever, you can click a button, which means, you allow them to use this file for promotions and so on. I think even the weekly free photo, footage are from contributors, who give some special photos or footage for this promotion.
I checked sometimes the free photos or footage. The good thing: Under that free file Pond5 FIRST shows files from the same contributor. Often I saw they offer one free footage from a serie and mostly I found the other ones (for sale) better even the free one was also good. So it is a win win situation: The contributor MIGHT get a sale instead of the just giving away a file for free.
But most important: The contributor decide it - not pond5.
Like the weekly free file changes weekly, I guess the free files are only free for one week or so and get changed next week with others: So the free files will get on normal sale again. But maybe another time they get used for free again.

And there is another one called ´this file is included abonnement (subscription)´. These files contributor opt in for selected files, too. So, Pond5 is not giving away anything, which is not signed as that from the contributor.

Sorry, in German :D

Simon Brough:
Pretty sure Pond5 have had a free collection since 2015.


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