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Pond5 halved prices for all clips

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--- Quote from: Me on June 14, 2021, 03:12 ---Isn't it in T&Cs that if you offer your clips cheaper elsewhere they can adjust it down to match? May be that if you're selling elsewhere, would explain why your exclusive clips aren't changed?

--- End quote ---

I do not offer my clips cheaper anywhere, at least not if buying single clips.

the thing is, I agree if you sell cheaper that pond5 can go lower to meet that price, all good.

But they done it in way no company should done it, without any notification and as well leaving us unaware by keeping price looks normal from contributor portal.

all agencies are walking on thin line between legal and illegal business.

EU have strict rules for misleading buyers/sellers.

that's all from me about that. I doubled my prices so i will see what's going to happen.

Do we have to manually set them back at the correct prices? It seems like a fixed price for HD and another for 4K regardless of what it was initially


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