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Pond5 halved prices for all clips

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pond5 makes price testing since 2/3 years ago...


--- Quote from: Visualab on June 12, 2021, 17:44 ---pond5 makes price testing since 2/3 years ago...

--- End quote ---

Yes they did for some selected clips few years ago. Never to whole complete portfolio and by making our prices looks "right" from contributor site but actually complete different.

Sneaky and unprofessional.

They market their site as allowing contributors to set their own prices, but the fine print says they can change them at any time.

I was not aware of that.
I went to my Pond 5 page and saw it's true, offered prices are down.
I decided to do a simple test.
I went to edit a price of a single clip of mine.
The 4K was 138 at the price tier but it appeared 50% down to the customer, as 69.
I changed that to 276 and it immediatelly appeared with a new price to the customer page, now at 138.
There is also nothing at their community forum, but isn't that naive, if not to use a worse word?
Do we play that game?
We double or rather quadruple our Pond 5 prices to get them back to where they were?
Do you think that someone from Pond 5 is reading and cares to reply?
It would be easier if they just informed us if this is a limited promotion or not.
We do not sell hype, we sell clips.
If they decide we are not to set our own prices anymore, it would be essential we know so we set our own strategy of uploading too.
Again, if this is a limited time offer, it would spare us the fuss if we knew about it in advance.
I guess it is time Pond finds a ... Mat ambassador to reply!
We are all listening!

I deleted many of my content on Pond5 because of very weak sales.


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