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Pond5 membership program experience. Share you income changes after joining it.

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Almost two years passed after membership program launch.
Yesterday i received letter from Pond5 that ~2000 of my files was chosen for this program.

Selected files:
- Is over 3 years old
- Has never sold in the Marketplace
- Is priced under $100

How you sales and income changed after you joined this membership program?
I got ~10% income grow on P5 last year compared with 2016 without participating in this program.
Please share your experience.

We had 10% drop in sales compared to 2016 and we weren't in the Membership program. And we were also invited this year. Hope to gain back what we lost.

Hello, I also had a remarkable drop in sales with the membership program last year. This year I am invited, but I'm not very clear how they will cash me in, because the 50 cents per selected footage is not anymore the pond5 way. Do you understand how the income might grow, how we will be paid based on new membership program?

It will be a percentage share only so no upfront $0.50.  just % of total membership royalties earned per month split down per artist depending what % their downloads contributed.

So, if your material will be bought more from membership collection, more you will earn; if you have bad luck and sell very few material you can earn nothing in some months from membership. Basically is the same system as is on pond5, but instead of gaining 50% from a bigger price, you will earn a smaller percentage from a much smaller footage price.

Is that correct?


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