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Title: Pond5 take over Pixmac
Post by: CD123 on March 05, 2013, 12:09
For those not listed or who did not receive the mail:

"Dear Pond5 Artist,
We have some big news to share with you. We're incredibly excited to announce that the team and assets at Pixmac will be joining us at Pond5. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Pixmac was founded in 2007 and represents a broad network of country-based stock photography sites (such as pixmac.cz, pixmac.es, pixmac.pl, pixmac.com.br, and so on). They���ve done an incredible job creating a fast and friendly user interface, bringing in millions of photos, and building traffic to their sites. Their customers come from around the globe, and like Pond5 they���ve focused on being artist-friendly, and have done a lot with a little. Unlike Pond5, they have focused specifically on photos and have built a multi-language, multi-currency platform, which makes Pixmac a great complement to Pond5���s already strong base in video, audio, and other media types, currently available only in English.

The Pixmac team, technology, and images will be a fantastic addition to Pond5, and the integration represents a big win for our artists and our buyers.

Here are some of the key benefits for Pond5 artists:

 Global reach in 17+ languages. With the integration of Pixmac, Pond5 content will be available around the world in 17+ languages and in multiple currencies. Video, audio, photos, illustrations, AE templates, and 3D models will be getting rolled out across this global network of sites in the coming months, and made available to media makers in all corners of the globe. The Pixmac network of local managers will also be joining us, helping to bring your content to the world, and bringing their understanding of their markets back to Pond5.
 More traffic and more buyers for your media. The combined traffic across the Pixmac network of sites is greater than the total current traffic to Pond5, so we will be more than doubling our traffic base in one go ��� which means more buyers for your media. Pixmac is especially strong in Europe, Latin America and Asia, and we look forward to jumping in head-first to those fast growing markets!
 A great team and great technology. The Pixmac team ��� Jakub, Lucie, Martin, Michal, and Vita ��� has built something truly impressive, and we are very excited about working with them to continue to build out the world's most vibrant marketplace for media makers.
What's Next?
We will keep you updated as we move forward with this integration. Right now, nothing needs to be done on your end.

If you have questions, please check out our FAQs here.

As always, we would love to hear from you. You are welcome to comment in our forums, or reach out via email to [email protected]

2013 is shaping up to be a big year for us at Pond5, and none of this could happen without your continued support.

Thanks for your commitment in making Pond5 the world���s most vibrant marketplace for media makers.

- Tom & the Pond5 crew"

Title: Re: Pond5 take over Pixmac
Post by: Sadstock on March 05, 2013, 12:19
See here
http://www.microstockgroup.com/pixmac/pixmac-merges-with-pond5/msg302411/?topicseen#new (http://www.microstockgroup.com/pixmac/pixmac-merges-with-pond5/msg302411/?topicseen#new)
Title: Re: Pond5 take over Pixmac
Post by: CD123 on March 05, 2013, 12:25
See here
[url]http://www.microstockgroup.com/pixmac/pixmac-merges-with-pond5/msg302411/?topicseen#new[/url] ([url]http://www.microstockgroup.com/pixmac/pixmac-merges-with-pond5/msg302411/?topicseen#new[/url])

Not a Pixmac member, therefore did not notice that.