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Pond5 CSV is not working form me. Anyone using it?

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I keep trying it since hours now on a hundred of different ways but I am going to a conclusion that it is broken. It never accepts my CSV even if it is EXACTLY in the format they describe. When it accepts my file just nothing happens, my tags are not added to the clips. Does anyone use it?

What columns do you use? And with what columns description?

Hope these help!


--- Quote from: thestuckpixel on June 05, 2020, 03:11 ---What columns do you use? And with what columns description?

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here are the first 2 lines....
"2020-03-29","Romantic couple at home drinking wine at dinner table","Elegant couple having romantic dinner at home, sitting at table in living room drinking red wine, clinking glasses, talking. Stay at home concept.","couple, drinking, wine, home, romantic, table, dinner, elegant, talking, clinking, concept, having, glasses, stay at home, red wine, living room, sitting, older, 50s, people, red, moody, indoor, indoors, love, middle aged, man, smiling, white, cosy, Caucasian, long hair, woman, room, wife, happy, husband, adult, holding, romance, communication, positive, alcohol, drinks, person, happiness, American, married, brunette, together",""


--- Quote from: jjneff on June 05, 2020, 09:39 ---Hope these help!

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Thanks you for the help. The videos are  good and useful. But I had no problem with the CSV upload at SS and Adobe. Only Pond5 is not working. In the video he downloads the CSV FROM Pond5 what I need is TO upload one - like I do on SS and Adobe.


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