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Hi there

I've recently made the jump to adding videos into my stock work.

When I upload stuff to Pond5 it auto-fills in a price of $1. Now, I know you can set your own price but what happens if you tick the Set The Price For Me option? Do they just take that $1 that was auto-filled in or do they overwrite it with what they think is right?

I tried it once and I think it stuck at the $1, so I altered it quick.  Now I always set my own price.  It's probably not good to let a reviewer set the price even if it did work.  That happened for stills with another site I used and I was amazed how they seemed to price things the opposite of how I would of done it.

Thanks for the heads up!

Curiosity, what sort of price do you set for a RF video?

What sort of prices are you all selling the pics for on there?  I have signed up to Pond5 but don't want to charge too cheap - I want to set the prices at about the same as the other stock agencies.

select all boxes go to bottom and select pricing than set to $10 or more and bingo it's magic... ;D


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