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Sudden massive pile on of views on P5

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Anyone else have a sudden surge of views on Pond5?

I usually get between 2 and 9 views a day, occasionally going into the teens which is often accompanied by a sale. In this case, I had a massive number of views over a period of a couple of days with one day being 110 views and then the following day 341 views (see attachment). Then the days thereafter - nothing, no sales and views dropped back to normal numbers. Really strange! 

I saw an equivalent rise on my views on January 15 & 16.
If I am not mistaken, they report sales a couple of days later, to avoid refunds.
Since it's Monday and I have no sales reported, maybe it was just another promo campain like they did some months ago?

Just a guess:
They sent emails with a promo:
 50% for photos.
MAYBE most got it around that date and just check if there are photos which they might buy, but at least they didnīt in the most of time?
BTW: The promo is until 26th this January.

Seeing the spike too, with a sharp peak on January 17th, no sales so far. 
Good to see that they are (finally?) starting to promote their image library.
I just hope we get to keep the option to set our own pricing.

Where do you see Views please?


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