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Unusual rejection reason

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Okay this isn't as clear cut as it seems. I'm not sure if I'm using the right pixel dimensions for the 4:3 4k export. The 16:9 version is 3840 x 2160. According to google, 4k video for the 4:3 aspect ratio is 3840 x 2880. But if I chose those dimensions, that would mean that the height of the image would be greater than the original - going from 2160 to 2880. That sounds like an increase in pixels for the height. If that's the case, would that be the equivalent of upscaling to a certain extent which is probably frowned upon? I'm not sure if reducing the long side / the width (3840) to a lower value would be better as that is simply cropping rather than adding more pixels. So keeping the height the same but cropping the sides might possibly be better.

Are there some specific pixel dimensions for 4k 4:3 video that people could recommend?

I guess one way of working this out would be importing some SD 4:3 footage into an NLE program, capturing a frame grab and opening that frame grab in Photoshop. Then take a look at the image dimensions, change the height (in pixels) to 2160 and see what the width value says.

The only problem is I don't have access to my usual computer which has Photoshop and NLE software with frame grab capability.

Edit: Silly me. I just thought of using an online tool to do the conversion rather than going through all that trouble I mentioned above. Apparently, the pixel dimensions I should be using are 2880 x 2160.

This clip has been rejected again for exactly the same reason - the aspect ratio. And yep, I submitted the 4:3 version. Unbelievable.


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