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Why is it so painful to upload to Pond5?

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I'm having issues all the time with FTP uploading. I'm using Filezilla client, every setting is fine, and my files are keep being uploaded over and over again. It's stuck in an infinite loop. I don't want to upload all my materials one by one, but I'm constantly having issues with batch uploading. I sent a message to the support too, but I haven't got any helpful reply.

Any suggestions?

I can't really help much other than to say you are not alone, I have the same issues uploading video clips to Pond5 using FTP using Filezilla. This has been happening for a year or more.

I upload video to Shutterstock and Adobe using the same files and settings with no difficulty.

I don't upload large batches of clips, so I get round it by either:

1.  Supervising the FTP upload and manually stopping the re-upload of a file immediately after it has been correctly uploaded for the first time.
2.  Using the Web page upload, which is usually successful first time.

Occasionally a 'duplicate file' error is generated by the Pond5 system. In this case I rename the file to make it unique (usually be adding '_A' to the file name. This is sufficient to fool the Pond5 server into thinking it is an entirely different file.

I've never bothered chasing up Pond5 support as I only deal in small quantities and I can easily work round the issues. I can imagine it is a real pain for people uploading large numbers of clips.

ooops... wrong answer. sorry!


gillian vann:
?? i just drag and drop. no ftp at all. easy.
although the rest of the process is a bit painful, sure.

I bailed Out of P5 3 years ago deleted everything . Just started again. uplosded 12,880 Files. Very smooth. hope the rest Gets as easy.


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