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It's been a very long time since anyone has posted on this topic, and not sure this is the correct place to post. I found another thread on it with the latest post back in May of 2008. I signed up with artistrising.com tonight. Then, I started reading their forum. Found quite a few posts by people who reported sales not showing up in reports, not getting paid. When I tried to post there, I kept getting the runtime error message or something like that. I haven't uploaded anything there yet because I decided to dig a little deeper first.

Does anyone here have any current experience with artistrising.com? Don't want to waste time uploading there if I will have trouble selling or, worse yet, collecting if I do have sales.

I also read comments about people selling on art.com. I know these two are connected, as is allposters. Can you upload and sell your work directly on art.com, or do you have to go through artistrising.com and THEY select which ones go there? Not sure how that works.

I do have work on ImageKind, but just downgraded my paid account to a free one because of not much activity as far as sales. Anyone have any suggestions on other places like that which have good traffic and exposure for sales?

Thanks for any input!

Check out Redbubble. It's an Australian site. My sales there have disappeared lately, but that may be because of the economy. I do know that they're honest, and that it's a supportive artistic community. You might also take a look at Zazzle. It's more commercial than Redbubble in that they off all sorts of small objects that you can put your designs on. Also, Redbubble has a sleeker, less cluttered, more contemporary look to the design of the site. It's not all junked up with ads and flashing banners. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Pat, I will check out Redbubble. Seems like I saw something somewhere on here tonight regarding "watch out for redbubble", too. I've been searching so many posts now I can't remember where it was. I will check it out, though. I do have an account on Zazzle and have done a little with them. I think I'll hold off on the artistrising thing until I can get some more positive feedback from someone. Thanks, again.

There was some discussion about Artist Rising a while ago:

My portfolio there is very very small, so it doesn't make a good statistics, but the only sales I had were images that are in Art.com. I saw other comments in their forum that people report very few or no sales originating in ArtistRising.com. 

I haven't read about this problem of unrecorded sales, it's a shame if it's true.  The same was said about Redbubble.

Before ArtistRising, you woud upload to Art.com, but noy you have to upload to AR and only images that sell will be made available in Art.com as well.  At least, this was the rule they publicized somewhere.

Personally I would not recommend uploading to them unless you intend to market your work yourself.  But in either case a site like Imagekind.com seems a better choice, as you can set your markup prices.  I know people reporting sales there (not me!). A colleage from another forum also reported sales in Fineartamerica.com.


It has been said that Redbubble has payout problems, but they did the same as Snapvillage and rolled over the money from my sales that hadn't made a payout at the end of the year. They did it without me requesting it, too. On the down side, my sales there have been nonexistent since the economy took the downturn last summer. Friends of mine on the site are reporting sales of cards and T-shirts. I got into Redbubble without much thought. Now, I'd warn anyone thinking of putting art up on any site to check it out very carefully first.


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