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Clipartof.com for selling illustration and graphic Clipart.

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Dennis Holmes:
I'm not sure why it's not in the microstock poll results, I guess because it's graphics and not photos.

Anyway if you want to make money from your art please look at Clipartof.com they are looking for artist. EXTREMELY easy to deal with!!
They are a midstock. You name your price and 50-50% cut. And you can price your own work.

Go to http://www.clipartof.com/info/contributor_agreement.html take a look

I've been with them 2 and a half months and made $500!! They have just finished uploading my 2000+ images and have been told I will easily be earning over $1000US a month,

Talk to Jamie she is great.

You will not be disappointed. Illustration only. vector and jpg.

I've done zazzle, iclipart and similar..... NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Do they, by any chance, pay a referral bonus?

Dennis Holmes:
They do. But they do not have an affiliate program.

I have 2 reasons for posting this.

First is to help artist trying to get a foot in. (and get a good rate instead of a few cents)

The second is that the owner has bent over backwards to help me. I sent her zip fies and she loaded them tagged them and keyworded them,

Oh yeah, she converted then to AI version 8 eps and created the pgs as well.

If you know any other sites that do this PLEASE let me know.

BTW I have fibromyalgia and there is no way I could have done this myself.

Far enough?

Site looks great with wonderfull artists...

BTW how do we get in .....
Sending an e-mail or what....???

Dennis Holmes:
You can go through the link above or email Jamie direct.  Email me and I'll send her contact if you like?


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