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An istock contributor has been denied exclusivity because she has works for sale on RedBubble. RB sells prints (mounted/framed), greeting cards, Ts, calendars of your work but not the digital files. Has anyone had experience with this situation? I have work on RB and would like to go exclusive on istock when I reach 250dls.

Thats a little bent  if your selling Artistic somewhere else, the stuff that IS wont take. Just like most say, Artistic is not Stock so whats the problem with trying to make money off stuff IS wont even approve. I guess IS somehow feels threatened by Redbubble... who knows. Oh well, not looking at being exclusive anyways. I want to make money where ever I can get it. I save Redbubble for stuff I think is Pretty and Artistic. Stock Shots go to Stock sites.

I thought that only RF stock sales were affected.  Can't see how selling items for sale, but not the image file would affect this. 

If I were you I could contact istock support directly and get a more complete explanation.  And if you get one, would you mind posting here?  I am sure it would benefit others in the same situation...

It may have to do with the user agreement on Red Bubble. Some of these sites require you to grant them an unlimited royalty free license. The wording conflicts with your exclusive agreement which states you can only license RF through them.

There have been previous discussions about this on the IS forums. Youmight want to attempt to find an answer there.

The contributor I mentioned has already contacted support, and I'll post her findings here. The RB contract does require an unlimited RF license 'in accordance with the agreement' to provide prints using ones artwork. Oh well...


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