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THP Creative:
Hey does anyone know a support email address for FAA?

I've been locked out of the site for a week or so now, and the reset password link never sends me an email (yep, checked junk). Have filled out their support form online, but no reply.

Really need an email address to write to them if anyone has one?


Jo Ann Snover:
I looked at my support folder and the only email I have for FAA is this

[email protected]

Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: Jo Ann Snover on April 12, 2021, 23:49 ---I looked at my support folder and the only email I have for FAA is this

[email protected]

--- End quote ---

I checked also, same email.

I don't know if this will work, not signed in?


THP Creative:
Thank you both, I appreciate your time helping.

I tried that form already Uncle Pete, no reply in about a week or more so no idea if one will come eventually or not.

I'll try that email address Jo Ann, thanks to you both.

their support is a mess and they are thick as a plank

they only reply when they feel to and if your request is somewhat difficult or they cannot do what you ask for they will simply ignore your email

faa is one of the most frustrating outfits to deal with, sean and abbie are the most stubborn people you,ll ever talk to


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