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--- Quote from: yingyang0 on April 09, 2008, 12:01 ---
--- Quote from: helix7 on April 09, 2008, 00:49 ---Or any site for that matter. Is there some legal restriction preventing someone from getting their own cards made up with a microstock company logo on them? Vector versions of the logos can be found or easily reproduced, and promo codes are easy to get. Just design your own.

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Yes it's called copyright and trademark infringement. Moo would be crazy to produce unauthorized cards and risk losing such a profitable contract, nor are you likely to have another legitimate printer willing to reproduce a corporate logo without authorization from that corporation.

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But we're contributors also. I'm no less affiliated with istock than an exclusive. My non-exclusive contract just means that I don't get these freebies. In terms of copyright and trademark, I wouldn't be infringing on istock's protected logo any more than an exclusive would be. I'm still an employee of sorts, still using the istock logo in the same way, just that instead of istock footing the printing bill, I'd do it myself.

I'm not even contemplating doing this myself, and if I order cards from Moo they will have my website and logo on them, not istock's. Just saying that I think it's possible, and maybe even legal. I could be wrong, but I just don't see how being non-exclusive diminishes my rights as a contributor to use the istock logo to promote istock. 

Ah Yingyang0... the voice of reason! ;D I have to admit I thought it would be cool to add a row of icons like the ones we have here in our forum posts.

It appears to be a highly automated process and I have my doubts that they are able to check/verify content on each print order (but I could be wrong). Also you have to check mark a legal disclaimer that you own all copyrights when placing your order. Moo wouldn't be responsible then. Right?

I also agree somewhat with Helix. These agencies are representing us. If we can use the logos on our websites why not on our business cards?


--- Quote from: digiology on April 09, 2008, 13:47 ---...These agencies are representing us. If we can use the logos on our websites why not on our business cards?

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Exactly. These companies don't seem too protective of logo usage when it comes to getting some free publicity for themselves. They have no problem with us posting logos on websites, they sell branded promos (t-shirts, mousepads, etc), and obviously don't have a problem with branded business cards in general since they offer them through the exclusive program. I can understand a company wanting to protect how a logo is used, making sure that it is a current logo, properly marked (trademark, registration), properly displayed and all that. I just don't buy copyright infringement as a reason they could possibly oppose this. 

And this is all assuming that they'd oppose it at all. I haven't contacted istock to find out, so who knows for sure.


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