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Photo art conversions - allowed on any microstock sites?

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but can anyone tell me if any of the microstock sites accept photo art conversions (original photos converted to pseudo artwork using software)....? 

Here's an example of what I'm inquiring about.

Not usually.  The sites like to let the buyers make the decisions on how to convert the images.

I am not sure a buyer would know the technique to convert the shot to the pseudo artwork .... I've been experimenting with several different work flows to get the results.

Has anyone had something like this approved at any of the microstock sites?

I promise u itīs been done before somehow. It looks like a simple Ps filter, even though itīs more complicated.   Iīm sure itīs reviewers favorite rejection subjects.     Imagine all of us, doubling our portfolio with that technique.  Im kind of glad itīs not possible...

Hi Jeff,

If your original photo's are good, they might be much better sellers on microstock!

Maybe micro-agencys might take a few of these "translations" of an original photo. Some will not like them at all. Others might give a few a try. If your techniques don't blur or grain or uneven edges to much...etc. It will be judged on the technical merits of a photograph and in my experience most "changed" photo's have effects (look at them 100%) which will become explained as technical "not good" in the eyes of micro-judges. But even: when accepted, they probably will not be hot sellers on micro. You have to consider if the lots of work to use these techniques in a quality way are worth the pennies you get on microstock! In my opinion a good use of all kinds of unusual techniques can create real art: not because it's an imitation of a painting, but it gives you opportunities to use a different image-language! It's not the effect, but what an image communicates that matters!

There are sites (not micro) where this kind of converted photo's may sell on higher (macro, art) prices. You better should try to sell this kind of work with them!
Certainly when you have a portfolio with several images in a recognisable own style, there might be a public and costumers for on sites that look for illustration or more original work than micro. F.e. try Veer.

Hope my answer is relevant to you!


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