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Redbubble is announcing new account tiers and account fees

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Not sure if there are lots of Redbubble sellers on this forum, but I occasionally sell a print there. I received an email this morning:

--- Quote ---Hello ***,

Redbubble is introducing a new tier structure for artist accounts, and an account fee for some accounts. We understand that this is a big change for the artist community, so we want to be transparent and clear about what's happening.

The new account tiers are intended to encourage actions that are positive for the marketplace and recognise and reward artists who invest time creating and promoting unique products. From today, your account will be classified as either Redbubble Standard, Redbubble Premium, or Redbubble Pro. You can find your account classification on a new Account tiers and fees page on the Artist Dashboard.

View Your Account Tier

Redbubble Standard accounts will be subject to an account fee. The fee is a flat fee based on your monthly earnings and only applies if you make a sale. If you make no sales during the payment period you will not be charged a fee, so artists are never out of pocket. The monthly earnings period will begin with orders shipped from the 1st of May, 2023 and end on the last day of each month. As recognition for positive engagement and investment in the Redbubble marketplace, Premium and Pro accounts are exempt from the fee.

--- End quote ---

Some articles explaining the changes in-depth:

The fee table can be found in the last link.
Insanely high fees as you can see. Redbubble always was always a low-tier agency for me so it's an easy decision for me.

Have you checked your tier, many people are premium without selling a lot, it seems the tiers are randomly assigned. They could change every month too.
Society6 also introduced new fees and plans.
With AI and everything else the good news just can't stop coming.

I notice they don't say how much the "account fee" is.

Jo Ann Snover:
There is a table of the account fees - click through a link from the page explaining the new scheme.

I read through it and then canceled my account. I make a little bit there (and to be fair, I did not actively market my stuff there) but they're clearly signaling they want the casual shop seller gone, so I am obliging them :)

Saw that this morning. I stopped uploading and making new products years ago but still get some occasional sales. Apparently that's enough for a Premium account. So no changes for me but it sucks that they went this path


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