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T shirt designs - income potential


There are a few stores, or at least one anyhow (i am sure there are more)

perhaps it is similar to cafe press (I haven't check that site out too much)

anyhow, you can design a t shirt, or just make a design and sell it to t shirt designers so you get paid when someone uses your design or buys a shirt you designed.  I would think it could be a potential earning avenue for graphic designers.  Unless perhaps the volume of sales is so low that it just isn't worth it.

I've used them a few times to print t-shirts for me.  Shipping was quick.  The quality on some was better than others.  They had quite a few limitations with what kind of artwork they could print, but I think they have a digital press option now, and their product line has grown quite a bit since last year at this time.

I think you can also have an unlimited number of products in your store, you can't have a free-unlimited at Cafe Press, but I believe you can at Zazzle.

A very good thing to note about Spreadshirt is that they actually reply to queries, it was almost immediate.

the sales are very slow at these places. I use zazzle,cafe,didn't do well at spread shirt. I've had one payout of $26 at zazzle. it's a patience game.

Do the earnings usually have to reach a certain level like at most microstock agencies, or can you request them at any time?

$25 at zazzle,don't know about the others.


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