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Zazzle - tax form update


FYI - Zazzle sent request to resend W-8BEN because of changes. Old forms will become invalid in september 2016.
"There has been an update issued by the US IRS regarding W-8 BEN-E forms. A new version of the form was issued earlier this year which means we will need the updated form from you in order to continue to comply with US IRS regulations. We wanted to let you know as soon as possible to allow you time to do any research you need to and have the updated form processed for your account before your previous W-8 BEN-E becomes invalid in September 2016. Please send us the updated form as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions in your Zazzle payments"
So i have to send the form again, but ben-e

I'm using newbielink:https://form-8862.pdffiller.com/ [nonactive] to fill up my tax forms, for example W-8BEN - newbielink:https://w-8ben-form-fillable.pdffiller.com/ [nonactive]

Hello all. I have a question. Does Zazzle ask for W8-BEN every year then delays payment for at least one month after sending?


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