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I'm very new to microstock and just selling work online in general. Browsing through this forum, I've stumbled upon people mentioning Zazzle. I've checked that site out and kind of got interested, but the very first thing I've noticed is a whopping amount of products containing copyrighted material (such as pictures of celebrities, etc) that in no way would fly on legit microstock sites (unless for editorial use).

Not that I'm comparing microstock to zazzle, but I'm assuming that copyright is the same and should be applicable to both to the same degree. My question is to anyone who's dealt with that site before. Do they bypass the whole copyright issue with some sort of freedom of artistic expression (since it's designs on merchandise that are sold, not the designs themselves), or are they just a few steps away from a major lawsuit? And is it worth it dealing with that site? The idea seems very interesting to me, but the whole cesspool of copyright infringement is what's putting me off. Unless I'm wrong, and there isn't any infringement there.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated,


I had a quick look in the forum and found this thread:-


I'm sure there are many copyright issues at Zazzle, but you have to consider also that many celebrities or companies do publish goodies through Zazzle too.


Well, I have been with them for about a month and I have sold only one apron with a head of a Boa so far. The commission: 2.20 USD (not bad compared to 0.25 at Crestock...)

With regards to copyright, Zazzle is pretty much a cesspool. I have been there about 2 years, just doing silly stuff, Tshirts and stuff. Photos don't do well there.

The copyright stuff got much worse when they did the partnership with MySpace. On each item, there is a "Report Violation" button. Last year, I reported one product about a half dozen times, stating ownership sources, violations of federal law, etc. They never removed the related products. I just got tired of reporting and tired of them ignoring the law. It just pissed me off that it was there, and once I get on something like that I'm kind of like the angry pitbull and won;t let go. I should just look out of curiosity and see if it's still there.

There are some VERY GOOD professional artists on there. However you must establish a web presence other than Zazzle in order to gain a following to get any kind of good foothold there. I know one gal whose entire income is from Zazzle and Cafe Press. The key is she knows how to network properly. She does Tshirts.

Last year I think there was one user who had over 3000 products and it was all stolen work. She'd be posting comments all over the place, ooohing and aahhhing over everyone's stuff, joining the zazzle top 100 lists etc, and someone finally called her on it. It took about 20 or more vocal (venomous) complaints to finally get her removed. When this all happened, their safeguards were not to good though, because the booted user would just rejoin with another user name.

If you submit stuff with certain popular pop culture references, they will sometimes reject a product, but for the most part they are pretty clueless and the stuff gets in. When I was very active there, stuff was publicly available immediately with no appearent screening process.

I still post things there once in awhile, usually something goofy I think of at 3 am, but now with their new "volume sellers" program it will be harder to keep up, if at all. Kinda like feeding the beast at SS.

Hope this helps you out. If you want any more info just PM me.

If you can do stuff like this, you'll do well


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