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I've let Blackbox know, I'm a contributor there.

Thanks Bennu99

SS asked me to resubmit with the case number I raised which I've done.  Thankfully only 3 and the other 20 or so were not categorised as AI.

I think I'll lay off uploading illustrations until resolved.  Ironically I've been very outspoken about my concerns over generative AI - I hate it. 

Thanks again Bennu99


Uploaded some illustrations and some were rejected by SS

"AI Generated Content: AI generated content is prohibited. Repeated submission of such content will result in account suspension and/or termination."

Thing is they are not AI, I don't use AI.  I've emailed SS to dispute this but it's a bit worrying if they can ban you because of their mistake.

Anyone else had this experience?


I think Youtube are tagging videos that contain AI, don't know full details but it's more of an attempt to warn people that the content may not be real.

Personally I'd like an option that blocks all AI videos but I'm probably on the extreme argument against AI.

Doesn't matter how much time it saves someone *if* it turns out AI can't be copyrighted you're not stealing. 

Appreciate it is in grey zone but just because agencies adjust their terms of service if AI can't be copyrighted (ok debatable) why would people pay for AI images on the agencies they could just download and use for free. 

Thanks Derby I'm not in US so I don't know how copyright laws are changed and made law (not asking you to explain) more research on my part.

Thanks again

In the United States, a federal judge ruled in 2023 that AI artwork cannot meet federal copyright standards because Copyright law is limited to the original intellectual conceptions of the author. With no author, there is no copyright.

What am I missing - no human author - no copyright?

I don't understand.

Thanks Her Ugliness

Yes I've misunderstood.

Or even put glaze options in the cameras at source maybe wishful thinking but camera manufacturers have a stake in this. 

I don't post up personal photos on the internet but serious concerns for those that do. 

My sales are up compared to February 2023 but down on December so it could be seasonal. 

One question I have is that why would people sell AI images on stock agencies because if I understand correctly AI images can not be copyrighted?


"Well great big thank you, after they used everything for free."

Yes I know - although this has been raised in a US senate hearing and the fact that artists have not been asked permission to use their work or compensated.   (BTW I'm from England so not familiar with US political structures).   

In England copyright is classed as "fair use"  and not for profit but AI is very much for profit.  And if it's damaging artists income how is that "fair use".

Disclaimer I'm not a lawyer but just curios.


I contacted  SS to to opt out last year but SS said that option was not available I've opted out now though for what it's worth.

There's a chap on youtube (Adam Duff) who's walking through some of the AI hearings.  I'm not affiliated with this chap just thought they were interesting.

Maybe if it's improved (early days).  I heard AI companies argue it could be classed as malware - they would though wouldn't they. 

Yes heard it does degrade the original image slightly although the Nightshade designers are working on it.

Don't know much I only heard that it can break the datasets resulting in silly images if a few Nightshaded images are in the dataset.  Could at least be disruptive to AI. 

I guess we'll see.

Thanks again

Thanks SuperPhoto absolute minefield this AI and not good for photographers, videographers or any other artist (IMO).  Just catching up on the implications I've been too busy to give it much attention.

Thanks Wilm - true hard to say if it will affect portfolio performance.

Anyone heard of Nightshade?  Any thoughts ?


Just wondering if anyone has opted out of AI - button looks available but wondering what the consequences would be.


Great thank you


It appears you can now Submit files using IMStocker however does that mean

Automatically submit to the agencies for review. 

Or do I have to go to every agency website and submit them manually.

I can't fully trial IMstocker to see if it works as I hope because when I "send files" it says upgrade to Pro.  I don't want to commit to a subscription before knowing for sure if it will work for me.


MicrostockSubmitter / Stock submission service
« on: January 08, 2024, 08:53 »

Are there any stock submission services out there that are any good.  Not just keywording but submit the files as well. 

I'm using MS Microstock plus which is good but it looks like another agency could be blocked (Deposit photos).  Istock was already blocked after Ukraine war.

Thanks in advance


Just download and would like to try out with the pro version - are there any demos so we can see how the uploading direct to agencies works please.


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