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I had my best month ever on Shutterstock in May 2024.

From reading other peoples posts, it's clear that SS performs better for videos and AS for photos.

I only have videos in my portfolio, so Im very happy with the sales there, even with lower commissions than AS and Pond5.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock is an embarassment
« on: May 17, 2024, 16:25 »
I'm on track for the BME on SS, SS is performing very well for me overall, AS it's lower than usual this month.

Same here.

SS is performing really well this month.

If I look at my total revenue so far this year from both AS and SS, they are pretty close to each other, and that is with a lower commission on SS.

I just got a $48 sale in SS today. I tend to get a couple of big sales every month on SS. I cannot recall when that happened on AS.

As mentioned by Cobalt here or in another thread, many countries had public holidays during the first two weeks of May. People in those countries took time off work, leading to lower sales. To illustrate this, I've attached a graph showing the number of clip downloads from my portfolio on Artlist. There was a clear drop in downloads during the first two weeks of May, but they have picked back up this week.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock is an embarassment
« on: May 15, 2024, 18:45 »
I wouldn't blame Shutterstock for the lowering of revenue. In my job exporting agricultural products, I understand the impact of market forces. The producers, like farmers and stock content creators, suffer the most from increased competition. Instead of blaming specific agencies, adapting to the market is essential.

Thats a project with a lot of good intentions.

Is that reserved for envato authors only or are you open to everyone?

Hello, as I mention in other post I have recived my redention code, but when I click in the link to redeem it, the web doesnt work (adobepartneroffer) it seems to be a issue for more people as I discovered in the adobe forums, but I havent find a solution, anyone knows about? Matt? Thank u

Have you tried using a VPN? It worked for me.

Shutterstock closed the account.

Yes it happend to me already 3 times, and one thief even had one of my videos as a best seller, thats how i actually found it.
That clip alone sold for 71 times. And he will most likely upload it again under a new account name.

Thanks. Now I do recall you mentioning that previously. Considering that risk, Ill not apply to Envato Elements.

I dont have time to keep chasing down copyright theft then submit take downs to Shutterstock. Its time consuming.

I've let Blackbox know, I'm a contributor there.

I also sent an email to Blackbox and received a prompt response stating that they are aware of the issue and are currently investigating it. This morning, I received an email from Patrick McGowan, the CEO and co-founder of Blackbox, asking me to provide further details, particularly about my video clips.

It's good to see that Blackbox takes this matter seriously and is actively taking steps to address it.

Has anyone experienced copyright theft on material uploaded to Envato elements?

I just looked for my envato bestsellers on ss and couldnt find them. They have been on envato two years.

Can still happen of course.

their unlimited plan is still restricted to normal usage, which is what every unlimited agency plan I have seen is so far. They dont let you download the entire library on then plan.

It is more a really cheap subs plan.

But because they share 50% artists have good returns.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Your insights are always valuable.

Envato may be less susceptible to theft than Artlist or Storyblocks. Or I could just have been unlucky.

Artlist limits video downloads to 100 per day, a significant amount of footage. The wrong person could potentially misuse this.

Artlist shares 50% of its revenue with its contributors, resulting in significant returns. However, one may question whether this comes at too high a cost. Once I've figured that out, I may share my insights on this forum.

I'm curious if the subscription model is similar to Artlist or Storyblocks' unlimited subscription model, as I am concerned about theft of videos by thieves who upload them to other stock agencies.

I am still undecided about whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

I recently uploaded 40 clips to Artlist as a test, and within six weeks, 13 of them were stolen and uploaded to Shutterstock.

This rampant behavior makes it important to carefully consider the potential loss of revenue before committing to such an agency.

While I like my sales on Shutterstock, I would not be happy if my sales dropped due to my clips being uploaded and sold on their platform. Strangely enough that means I would be competing with myself on the same stock agency. Interesting thought, isnt?

Ultimately, it is best to try for yourself and evaluate after some time.

Since you just startet you still have the chance to bring this to an end before the rest of your port gets stolen as well.

This was an interesting yet painful experience. I've only uploaded 40 clips to Artlist. I will not upload any more clips for now.

I received a notification to participate. The videos wouldn't be available for sale on Adobe Stock. However, I could upload them to other stock agencies.

BTW, here's my "form" letter I send to Shutterstock when I come across one of my clips.  You can list multiple infringements in one letter.  Feel free to use and modify for your needs.

Thank you for this. Ill make sure to use it when needed.

Do you know if there is a service provided by a third party to check if clips from our portfolio has been uploaded to agencies? Does such a service exist?


Just report the entire account as thief's account with a few examples.  They'll take down the entire portfolio.

Do you recommend sending an email or fill in their form?

I think SS accepts take down requests from anyone, so you don't have to submit a take down request only for your own clips.

I was able to report 13 of my stolen clips, but it took me an hour to do so. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to report all 4000+ stolen clips in that portfolio.

On another note, could you confirm if this is one of your clips?


Evaristo tenscadisto and bennu99,

Thank you for your kind comments.

I reported 13 stolen clips in the complaint I submitted to Shutterstock. I hope that Shutterstock will take immediate action to shut down the account.

Although the money from Artlist is tempting, I'm seriously reevaluating whether it's worth it. Someone mentioned that checking for uploaded content on other stock agencies and submitting takedowns is part of the deal. It took me an hour to submit my complaint to Shutterstock, which could have been used for something more productive.

I also sent a message to the Artlist team inquiring about their system for dealing with such situations. I don't expect a great answer, but I informed them that this experience has made me hesitant to upload more content.


I'm surprised because it has happened so quickly (within weeks of uploading the clips) and with only 50 clips uploaded to Artlist. I thought this only happens to bestsellers over time. Well, now I can say it also happens to newly uploaded content.

By the way, if anyone here is on Blackbox, please let them know that this clip


is from them


Not only rank but also sales have dropped sharply in recent weeks. Maybe just in my case... I don't know...


Having a really, really slow week. I think it is spring break in many places and orthodox easter time and the end of ramadan...so holiday breaks in many places.

The last two weeks have been very slow for me too. Im also attributing that to current holiday breaks across the world. It seems that many contributors are experiencing the same slow down in sales. What should we do? Keep creating !


I wanted to share an unfortunate incident that happened with my content. After uploading some of my videos to Artlist, I discovered that someone had uploaded some of them on Shutterstock. I have already reported the issue to Shutterstock and requested them to remove my clips. The thief has a portfolio of 4,573 stolen clips at https://www.shutterstock.com/g/bismil048/video?q.

I am dismayed that this has happened to me, especially since I had only uploaded around 50 clips to Artlist. It is alarming how rampant this practice of content theft is on the platform.

I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with this kind of situation. Does anyone know if Shutterstock will only remove the clips I reported, or if they will also shut down the fraudulent account? I hope that Shutterstock takes immediate action to shut down accounts involved in such practices, considering the hard work that goes into creating quality content.


Shutterstock.com / Re: Contributor Fund Entry
« on: March 27, 2024, 21:49 »
I confirm that this latest payment is also for video since I received a payment  and I have no photos in my portfolio.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Monthly earnings and downloads
« on: March 16, 2024, 20:30 »

As SS is a public company the auditors/lawyers thought it would be a good idea to put this clause in the contributor contract, but they have never enforced it (as far as I'm aware). I've been reporting my earnings at SS since early 2019 with no issues.

I am always cautious of adhering to the rules and guidelines set by big corporations. Recently, I was banned for life from PayPal without any justifiable reason. Upon further investigation, I discovered that PayPal is not allowed for receiving payments from Adobe in Indonesia and instead, Payoneer should be used. It feels strange to be permanently banned from a widely used payment system without any valid explanation. Consequently, I have become more careful and vigilant in following the rules and guidelines of the services I use.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Monthly earnings and downloads
« on: March 13, 2024, 18:40 »
For me SS still is doing double the income of AS.

Im making the same total sales in dollar value on AS and SS. Im happy with both agencies and my sales are growing over time with a steadily growing portfolio.

I only upload videos.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Monthly earnings and downloads
« on: March 13, 2024, 04:23 »
My understanding is that we are not allowed to publicly share our earnings on Shutterstock. I dont agree with that rule but I dont make the rules.


Was everything filmed at 120 fps?

Yes, the clips were shot at 120fps. All the clips I submitted were shot at 120fps.

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