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hey thx grp_photo.
good to know this, at least your better images are going to get more money in return.
Still, not sure if this will last too long either.
Consider the news lately  with Getty IS Flickr ;
Photocom StockXpert.
Only thing we know is the marketplace is changing.
For the better or worse for us photographers and vector artists

2 / Re: Posting on IS forum?
« on: July 26, 2008, 12:20 »
Yes, we can try to help you if it doesn't hurt our honour!

heh!heh! cute JoanV.  or to regain some of our honour if we had too many strange rejects that week.
no, seriously maui you can ask us here, as there are both trolls as bittersweet call it  ::) and other IS contributors here
who are always less afraid to speak out. 
this is the forum in its true sense of the word.

3 / Re: DT become new SS ?
« on: July 26, 2008, 11:55 »
So one big question looms over us, and I am wondering :

Is this the end of an era for earning non-sub commissions from micro?
also, will we be seeing a definite border that separates RM and RF?
and for those in micro, is it the end of opt in / opt out with no choice.
be in or get out the door.  go macro.

lots of questions, but really i am sure many of you ask too.
thanks in advance. i like this forum for its wide audience and comments from contributors and buyers of various stock sites. which is less bias than
going into the specific site to ask these questions, where usually
you have to "toe the line" or risk being "ex-communicated".

Inmagine is the parent company of 123rf.


danP68, so macro means they pay more, right?
no subs and pennies for beggars?
I must take a look. All I read quickly is minimum size 8MP, so that sounds serious. Good one thanks RT, Dan68, jsnover.

Any first hand experience? Any advice you can tell me about contributing to them? 
example: Do you all submit the same stuff with SS ?

5 / Re: You'll love this one
« on: July 26, 2008, 10:58 »
 ;D  sounds like SS is using Pavlov's bell theory.
Brain wash us into begging. Then once we get accepted, we will celebrate with whatever crumbs they throw us from the table.

That's why they're still Numer 1. With so many beggars with their palms open, how can you lose ???  
Congratulations anyway!  I hope you are happy now  8)

I just joined, so it's a little too late . I can do with a new Nikon too,
mine's a little old 6 MP   :'(
Good luck to you  ;)

7 / Re: StockXpert Images on
« on: July 26, 2008, 10:46 »
dash , good arithmetic and common sense. I can buy so many for so little, why buy outside sub.

rene, it's called the nature of things. the big fish eat the little fish -
many examples here:  micro site/ contributor; jupiter/StockXpert;
when the bigger company tells the little company JUMP, the squirt have to ask HOW HIGH.


I am sure I've seen a home page similar in design, and even some of the featured photos.
Is this an affliation of another well known stock company?

Also, I wonder if it would be any different if we join one company who already is connected . Would there be an advantage of a wider market,
or just plain wasting time having to upload to both.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Help me out with the rest.
« on: July 24, 2008, 13:27 »
The survey is full of holes, as each ISP is different. Even on the same day, your upload time will vary. Worse, if you are in a country where the ISP is not as fast as we have here in North America, or Europe, it can distort your survey data.
For example, when I am travelling Asia and certain parts of Latin America, it takes me sometimes half an hour to send emails from an internet cafe. I imagine even the home connections are no better.

Definitely, tan510jomast, there is an advantage for some photographers depending on where they live. For example, when I was living in Central America on assignment, I could live like a king for 500 dollars.
So if I were still there, and I make a commission of 50 dollars a month,
that's a big change in my spending power.
Of course, coming back home, 500 dollars won't even pay for my monthly expenses (payments, petrol, insurance,etc..).
I wish I was back there, for sure.

I got rejected image of a man from behind on Dreamstime, because I attached MR, and it was not needed. I mean couldnt they remove MR or leave it, it wont harm in any way.

I think you should not smoke some funny stuff if you are reviewing uploads!  :D

General Stock Discussion / Re: future of stock
« on: July 24, 2008, 13:15 »
Future, what future?

To someone who is new ,or desperate, or both, subs are great incentive.
But it can be deceptive too, as it gives you the false impression that they will eventually reach payout .
From the comments we get here and other sites' forums, we know that not true. That's where the money is made from starting your own microstock .

General Stock Discussion / Re: New Ideas???
« on: July 24, 2008, 13:11 »
How about a dog shooting a microstock photographer  ;D

It's a marketing move from Getty and Istock as they see Flickr as an untapped source of cheap images from hobbyists or photographers who crave for mass exposure.
I am not sure if this is in the interest of the photographer, but it is definitely money to be made for Getty and Istock.

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