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1 / Re: Mostphotos updated terms?
« on: March 04, 2021, 21:29 »
you can write them at [email protected] and ask them about the changes. But, you can also click on the bolded Contributor Terms to read what it is in it's entirety before agreeing if you do, 13? pages.
It would be nice to see a summary of changes and you could ask. I think I will ask.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Canstock files not uploading.
« on: March 04, 2021, 21:20 »
Yes, lots of spinning cog wheels trying to upload to them. Just checked and I still have one spinning since last summer. I've contacted them several times and get no fixes.

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 27, 2021, 20:33 »
And it looks like they have ported over the whole yay catalogue with no permission from contributors...

Good luck everyone I hope you can get some legal action to protect your your images from this abuse.

What are your ideas to take legal action against any image agencies that don't remove our images in any county besides what was mentioned? Thanks

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 27, 2021, 20:30 »
Looks like they are just opening another unlimited subscription site called unlimphotos too, just googled his name and yayimages

If anyone starts uploading to Yay after this, can we have permission to shout vulgar names at them? Want to see how bad this is?

"UnlimPhotos Lifetime Deal
Home of million high quality and royalty free stock images!
A diverse collection of premium images to compel your audience with creativity to life.

With also two posts above this it sounds really bad. Sold to some other company and another way we were not being told how our images were sold.
Value $495.00/year"

Look at the spelling? Can anyone bet that SS will be all over this for using a icon that looks like the SS icon?

Pricing -

Download up to 30 free tier images per day

The new unlimphotos has my whole port from yayimages. OMG. Glad I didn't send them most of my videos too! Just didn't seem right. Now they are sold with no notification.
I think I may remove my port as with all the bad stuff coming up about this, I think it's time to go.

Thief makes screenshots from stock videos, blurs them and sells on Shutterstock

Check if yours are also there.

And the account is still there!

Yeah, worth repeating:  Im nippon freelancer journalist who loved to travelling around the world. in blurryness i found peace and the truth perspective.thanks for supports.

Time to write again.

[email protected]
I wonder how the people who check the images accept them, because some people here have said that they have had some rejections in out of focus images.

I sent [email protected] an email with a link to;quote=559451;last_msg=560190  post thread

That was really hard to look at and the profile statement about peace is pathetic. Many pics seem to be blurred of really high end. The unfairness of any copiers not paying original copyright holders for their sales is pathetic and deserves a copyright lawyer.

A few minutes later...
I wonder if I should republish and resubmit all my images and videos blurred with blurred in description and keywords, easily doubling my portfolio maybe? (Slightly sarcastic but, who knows how much images like these sell? Any ideas? (lol)

Adobe Stock / Re: No sales in August
« on: August 26, 2020, 20:34 »
My sales are down to 1/3 of a regular month this year on Adobe Stock

General - Stock Video / Re: How about clipcanvas?
« on: June 16, 2020, 20:33 »
Of just less than 100 vids I had 2 sales in 13 years. Just wrote asking them if they are still marketing. Looks like I will close my portfolio there as it looks like I will never achieve a payout.

Okay, they finally agreed to delete my portfolio.

Yeah, contacting the Attorney General and filing a complaint against them seems a bit much, that's why I asked here. I'd rather not but it's getting frustrating being ignored. Guess I will try to be patient a bit more but, I don't think I'm going to wait more than 2 weeks from when I asked them. Guess I could send a certified letter too. Thanks

For the past week I have been trying to get GLstock to delete my portfolio and they won't respond to my emails. Do you think it would do any good to file a complaint with the New York attorney general? Anybody have any luck with this? Or, should I try something else? Thanks

DepositPhotos / Re: DP got picky?
« on: June 09, 2020, 21:54 »
I haven't noticed any unusual changes in acceptance ratios for DP. Seems like a usual, steady seller from my perspective. Best to you, Lee

What are the best stock sites to sell mobile phone pictures images and videos footage?
I've sold a few on 123RF.
I have so many pics and vids from iPhone 8+ but, not sure where to send them except 123RF.
I've tried FOAP in the past but, deleted after I didn't like the fact that at the time it seemed I'd have to save IPTC differently and I guess I considered that tedious. Haven't gone back to the (What seems like?) exclusively mobile phone apps like FOAP sales sites. Not sure if I should. Any experience there or the other mobile sites?
I am mainly concerned with trying to find the best possibility of sales from submitting  mobile pics and videos of the main sites I share with that seem to have the most sales like SS, AS, DT, A, BS, CanStockPhoto, DP, ETC.

This is not working again. Hope Tyler can figure it out how to fix it someday. Thanks

Yaymicro / Re: Yay reopening??
« on: May 29, 2020, 19:40 »
I've been with at first YayMicro and then integrating into YayImages for about 10 years.
I have had a couple of payments from yaymicro / yayimages with a portfolio under 2,000 pics so far.
I don't like it when agencies don't pay but, I've only had it happen to me at Crestock (that just recently is going through bankruptcy and being acquired by If you know anything about designpics please let me know, thanks) so far and that video site, Revostock or something like it? Sorry for your mentioned losses.
I like that YayImages opened up to video with a 50% commission, although pic sales are low in volume and commissions. And, I surely wish they would raise them more, but as they say video sales are now possible with what they are seeing and saying. Might be worth a try?
Nicole Glass, micro stocker/Youtuber, , said she was seeing more increased sales on Pond5 with more additions recently so there might be a correlation? Video was said to increase last few years now. Maybe it'd be good to create more video content? I'm working on it.
I don't like the usually very low commission pictures but, they have been selling more recently from what I have seen in yayimages.
I'm not closing my account any time soon and am thinking about uploading some videos to them to see if there are any sales. Best good to everyone.

16 is the one who is taking over bankrupt Crestock. The new owner wants to bring over the Crestock pictures In my portfolio and start selling them through the design pics websites. Does anybody have any experience with them? Im very reluctant Because all my commissions from Crestock were set back to zero with their bankruptcy. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks

I was enjoying my what was supposed to be a raise in royalties and then a week or 2 later  their new reset every year massacre. Horrendous.
Why isn't the original founder speaking up? Anybody know him? I think we can never get beyond the slave mentality with some of these sites in the race to the bottom for us.
Where are the ideas about a collective stock image and video, etceteras site these days?
I've heard it talked about it before but, never seen it gain traction yet.
Anybody know more about a stock image video, similar digital content that we can all join and share our talents as a collective, or co-op, or some kind of stock agency where we all have a voice in our incomes and ways business is done? Thanks, Lee

18 / Re: Shutterstock just became iStock 2.0
« on: May 27, 2020, 21:45 »
Well, I am disappointed in Shutterstock and wrote them and told them so. I got a reply from someone who couldn't write best english and explained to me that because of the pandemic things were difficult. And, that maybe once things get better they will increase contributors payments/income. Sounds like the government saying, now that this crises has occurred we shall substitute these liberties just for a little while to be SAFER. HA! How much of our liberties have come back? Will we ever increase our income on Shutterstock again, or will they keep making it smaller? And, eventually become another extinct dinosaur? Too bad the founder stepped down, Looks like S#!+ moved in.

19 / Re: Crestok has just filed for bankruptcy
« on: April 08, 2020, 07:38 »
Unfortunately I was about $2.75 from a $50. payout. Can anyone help me figure out how to fill out the PROOF OF CLAIM (Form 31) and GENERAL PROXY I'm supposed to send back to [email protected]? I am not good at all the legal mumbo-jumbo.
I know I probably won't get paid but, willing to try anyway. Thanks

I appreciate my experience working with AdobeStock. They have a big background in Creativity with their software so I feel more comfortable there even though I contribute to about 10 sites.

Hi ShadySue, Well that was way more than I ever gave thought to. Thanks for sharing. Best to you

Hi ShadySue, So it seems the system of meta data changed about 2014 2013 by our accounts in IS. Care to share some insights about how it all matters? :~) Best, Lee

Hi ShadySue, I went back to my oldest images at istock from 2014 and did see Title, Description and Keywords listed. I did not check any one else's images.

Sorry, I made a couple of mistakes. AdobeStock does show keywords publicly is what I am talking about, what the sites show publicly of your meta data. Alamy does show description and keywords.
What each site I contribute to seems to publish publicly of my IPTC file info of Title, Descriptions and Keywords.
CORRECTED LIST (added after next reply from ShadySue : for commercial / creative files, I did not check editorial)
123RF = Descriptions and some Keywords
Adobe Stock = Title and Keywords
Alamy = Description and Keywords
BigStockPhoto = Description
CanStockPhoto = Title Description, Keywords
ClipDealer = Title, (Media Info) Description, Keywords
Crestock = Title, Description, Keywords
Cutcaster = Title, Description, Keywords
DepositPhotos = Title, Description, Keywords
Dreamstime = Title, Description, Keywords
GraphicLeftovers = Title
IStockPhotos = Title, Description, Keywords
MostPhotos = Title, Description
PantherMedia = Title, Description
Pond5 = Title, Description
Shutterstock = Description and Keywords
YAYImages = Title, Description, Keywords

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Editor, File, File Info

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